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Available Payment Methods


PayPal is a money service business that allows users to transfer funds between each other. It is one of the most popular payment methods in ecommerce and the rs market space because it is simple to use. You are able to settup an account here: www.paypal.com and connect your bank or debit/credit cards to get started. We are very selective in when we do accept PayPal because of the chargeback risks that is associated with using PayPal. When we do accept PayPal, it is a seamless payment method which means that the payment is instantly transferred into our account and we would be able to pay out instantly. When using PayPal to pay for gold, you would you significantly less gold than if you used Bitcoin.

Bitcoin and Altcoins

Bitcoin is a decentralized Peer 2 Peer asset from the asset class "Cryptocurrencies". Cryptocurrencie's backbond is called blockchain, a ledger of transactions that a confirmed by miners. Bitcoin is heavily used in transactions in the Runescape Market because it provides a non-chargebackable payment method for people to use. When you purchase or send via Bitcoin, people often tell each other to wait for 1 confirmation to avoid a double spend attack. 1 confirmation is required to prevent a double spend attack which is an attack which takes place when someone sends you a transaction. A double spend attack is when someone sends a transaction with double-spendable-fees and then sends another transaction with high fees which then that transaction in the first case gets double spent and overriden. Altcoins aka Alternative coins is coins like Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin, and countless others. (coinmarketcap.com) are alternative payment options that are not bitcoin. Visit www.coinmarketcap.com to find the list of all the cryptocurrencies.RPGStock currently only accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, and Litecoin at the moment or any www.coinbase.com available cryptocurrencies.

Steps to Purchase Cryptocurrencies: The Best Places to Purchase BTC

Suggestion: Cashapp is the currently the best place to purchase BTC

Cashapp - BTC

Cashapp is a mobile app and is a payment method that allows you to purchase BTC. Cashapp is often also used to send payments to people. Cashapp can also be used online through https://cash.app

Steps to buy BTC using Cashapp:

  1. First, Download Cashapp via App Store on iOS phones or Google Play Store on android devices
  2. Register here: https://cash.app/app/DHJQCXH,register with my referral code for an extra $5
  3. Tap the investing tab which is the fourth tab to the left. It is the one that looks like a "sqwiggly".
  4. Press "Buy" and buy the amount of BTC you would like. Cashapp will ask you to verify your identity by providing SSN or other information
  5. After purchasing the BTC, click the first tab on the left and scroll down to "Bitcoin"
  6. Click "Withdraw" the bitcoin and enter the BTC address. The BTC Address would be provided by the person you are trying to send the BTC too.
  7. Visit https://cash.app/help/us/en-us/1016-bitcoin for additional information.


Coinbase is one of the most trusted cryptocurrency exchanges in the same. Coinbase Pro and Coinbase can be used to purchase Bitcoin through market orders.

Steps to buying BTC using Coinbase:

  1. Register a Coinbase account here: https://www.coinbase.com/join/cheung_51,register with my referral code for an extra $10
  2. Secondly, Coinbase requires you to verify your identity by providing Identification, SSN, and other infromation. Follow Coinbase's steps to finsh the verification.
  3. After you finish verifying, you will need to connect your payment method to purchase the BTC such as a bank or card.
  4. You will need to deposit money into your coinbase account.
  5. Coinbase will sometimes hold the money for upto 30days.
  6. After there is money in your coinbase account, purchase BTC by locating the BTC wallet and then pressing "Trade"
  7. You will see a modal and then follow the steps to purchase the BTC.
  8. To withdraw the BTC, goto the "Portfolio" in the navbar on top of the website and find "BTC"
  9. Find the "Send" button and you can send the BTC to another coinbase email or BTC Address.
  10. For additional information, visit https://www.coinbase.com/buy-bitcoin and https://help.coinbase.com/en/coinbase/getting-started/authentication-and-verification/identity-verification Steps to buying BTC using Coinbase Pro: Coinbase Pro fee system is different from Coinbase but offers a better way to purchase BTC with lower fees. Coinbase Pro and Coinbase are the same company.

Withdraw funds from either your bank or coinbase. Goto the "Trade" tab in the navbar and locate the "BTC/USD" pair. Purchase the BTC using a market order, purchase the the best available sell price in the order book. Withdraw the funds by clicking "Portfolio" and locating the "BTC" Wallet. Enter the BTC Address and then withdraw.


Zelle is a payment method created by consortium of banks. Visit https://www.zellepay.com/ for more information. Zelle can be used inside your bank if they have Zelle pay settup directly inside their website. Many popular banks like Bank of America has this option for its users to use. Zelle's daily limit is $500. You are also able to use Zelle via their mobile app also. Zelle pay is a popular payment method because users aren't able to chargeback after they have sent the payment. RPGStock can sometimes accept Zelle payments and is able to send zelle payments in a case by case basis.


Venmo is a mobile payment method like Cashapp or Zelle. Venmo is created by PayPal. Visit https://venmo.com/ for additional information. Venmo is a simple to use payment method that connects to your bank or card to pay your friends. RPGStock only takes venmo on a case by case basis.


Cashapp is a mobile payment method like Venmo or Zelle.Visit https://cash.app/ for additional information. Venmo is a simple to use payment method that connects to your bank or card to pay your friends. RPGStock only takes cashapp on a case by case basis.


Revolut is a payment method that is available internationally, Revolut doesn't take any fees for US / UK / EU Transfers. RPGStock only takes Revolut on a case by case basis.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have the best and cheapest market rate for video game items currently whereas PayPal, Zelle, Cashapp, and Venmo has higher rates.